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Three-Dimensional Approach

We work with our clients to establish personal/professional goals, timelines, and strategies.

Success is achieved by employing a three-dimensional approach to increase profitability and decrease costs by reviewing and instituting Operational, Financial, and Strategic Business Development initiatives.

This approach gives our experts a comprehensive view of the company to create a customize strategy to best suit the needs of the physician.  We work in unison with the physicians, management, and staff to ensure success and prepare our clients for the most favorable liquidity event.

Operational Analysis:  identifying areas of improvement and inefficiencies in the management of the practice, reduce costs by reviewing and renegotiating contracts, and identify areas of improvement for the workforce to increase efficiency.

Financial Analysis: assessing the financial standing of the physician’s practice to understand the current profitability and areas of improvement.

Business Development Initiatives: assessing the practice’s current marketing and business development efforts and how to increase these efforts.

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