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Physician Advisory Solutions - Exit Plan

Exit Planning

The healthcare industry is one of the most complex sectors to complete a transaction and requires  significant industry knowledge and many years of practical experience. Our experts have decades of experience and have been involved in thousands of valuations and transactions in the healthcare industry.

Our goal is to work with physicians and healthcare business owners to ensure they are properly planning for the eventual exit from their business.  We help business owners understand the current value of the business and establish exit planning strategies to increase the value of their business. It is important to begin this process at a minimum of 24 months before the liquidity event or sale of the business but can begin many years out from the sale.  We work with the physicians wealth managers, CPAs, attorneys, etc. to make sure that the team has all of the client's goals aligned to make the transition as smooth and positive as possible. 

We have extensive experience preparing practices for roll ups to larger groups, selling to private equity, and large health systems. We can help with preparing a practice for the transition during a partner buy in / buy out or management buy out.

Our process is to value the business and identify areas of improvement that aligns with the owner's timeline to exit.  We develop customized strategies and plan for management that is addressed on a regular basis to assure the goals are being met and help ensure a favorable transaction or liquidity event.

Physician Advisory Solutions experts have been involved in thousands of transactions in a wide variety of healthcare organizations nationwide.


Physician Practices

Dental Practices

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC)


Large Healthcare Systems

Accountable Care Organizations


Imaging Centers

Cancer Centers

Urgent Care Centers

Management Service Organizations

Optometry Practices

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