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Physician Advisory Solutions - Daniel Kv

Advisory Services

Our main initiative is to provide the business expertise for healthcare professionals to allow them to focus on their patients and maintain an efficient and profitable practice.  We help practices by employing our Three-Dimensional Approach to identify areas of improvement in the financial, operational, and business development aspects of the business to help them reach new levels of profitability.

We understand the complexities of navigating the issues associated with owning and growing medical practices and healthcare businesses. It is important to be striving for continuous operational improvement, effective employee and contractor performance, cost efficiencies and vendor management, all while providing great patient care.

We can either follow traditional fixed fee pricing model based on deliverables or an At-Risk Pricing model. With the At-Risk Pricing model, there will be no monthly retainer cost to the physician and compensation will be based on performance hurdles once the physician sees the increase in profitability. We will base our fee structure on the successful implementation of strategies to cut costs, increase efficiency, and profitability. By using this approach, it ensures that our economic interests are aligned with our clients.

Established Practices

Financial and Operational Assessment of Practice

Identify practice and financial goals/strategies

Marketing and Business Development Plan

Identify areas of improvement and inefficiencies

Ancillary revenue development

New Physician Buy In

Due Diligence

AR Factoring

Business Valuation

Partner Disputes/Litigation

Real Estate and PPE Appraisals

Strengthen Compliance and HR Procedures

Management of the practice

Exit Planning and M&A

For physicians who want to start their own practice, we can advise on setting up the processes and management to ensure success. Our goal is to help these entrepreneur minded physicians set up a well managed practice and reduce wasted time and resources.

New Practices

Formation of Company/Entity

Operating Agreements

Securing Startup Loans

Identify Practice & Financial Goals

Marketing Strategy

Trademarking & Website Development

Setup CRM & Efficient Office Processes

Compliance & HR Procedures

Management of the Practice


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